30 October 2014

Samuel McCulloch Output Editor at RIA Novosti

Samuel McCulloch, whose career started in the United States Marine Corps, seems now to be a key member of RIA Novosti. It is strange that McCulloch is playing such a main role in a Russian news media organisation when he has been suspected of being a CIA operative.

It is absolutely astounding that McCulloch has been instrumental in removing all journalists who were pro-Russian. So it is odd, is it not, that with the current level of information warfare between the United States and Russia, that the USA have CIA agents controlling the output of a strategic Russian media outlet. As the Output Editor of RIA Novosti, McCulloch has complete control of all output from the RIA Novosti station - amazing - and unbelievable!

Why is it that an American would be deciding what news should go out from a Russian Government media site? But there you have it it in one - the CIA now has control of Russia's key media organisation!

This is the bastard we are talking about.